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Been awhile since I actually wrote a journal or sumbitted anything... I am SO lazy... XP
So... I guess I can actually say that I TRULY was busy for the past few... months...eck...:iconnotimpressedplz:

Meh... This is an awful journal page but I had to write something instead of keeping the same old journal page up from the past few months...yeesh...

What else to write... I got a Venom figurine, (really adorable), that has this chibi body and I also got him a mini skateboad! It came with a tiny screwdriver! He looks so vicious yet cute.:icongwompplz::iconx3v2plz:

hmmm... water is good for you...:iconwthplz:

It snowed yesterday so yay for me since a lot of people around me seems to hate it.
Whatever, I'll just enjoy it to the fullest myself. Got me Starbucks hot chocolate and an apple fritter. Sat in the middle of the blizzard on a bench drinkin dat Hot Coco like a Boss while feeding apple fritter crumbs to little birdies. That's how you enjoy some cold weather. :iconcoolguyshadesplz:

I don't know if anyone is bothering to read this AT ALL but me since its actually for my own sake... anyways, just wanna say that check out the group of Sexual Offenderman. Pretty funny and awesome stuff! Also, the um... Smexy's Secretary... advertiser?...:shrug: is a great artist and people should check out her stuff!:shakefish: That Dragon Mural was AMAZING!:iconexcitedlaplz:

I did a Smexy art and I guess I'll do some more since its not only good anatomy practice but its really fun!:iconjumpinglaplz:

hmm... what else..... uh... don't run with scissors... they are sharp regardless of the title of "Safety" Scissors, they can still cut you...:iconwhatdaplz:

ummm.... Look at the sky sometimes. It won't always be there and it's pretty calming.:iconmerpplz:

Watch your salt intake, it can lead to kidney stones. Sugar to cavity.(But chocolate is worth it in the end!):iconlawooplz::icongoofygrinplz:

I apparently have three different types of plaided pants in the colors of red/black, purple/black, and blue/white.
They are all warm and fuzzy!:iconlaplz:

...This entire journal makes me sound like such a girly chick...*sigh*...but that's not tooooo bad of a thing right?...(ugh...)
Hopefully my next journal entry would be better...:iconlazysulkplz:
Hasta La Vista.

Word of the Day:

  • Listening to: Homestuck: Unite Synchronization... its awesome...
  • Reading: boring book articles...sigh...
  • Watching: Gravity Falls
  • Playing: Allods/Aion
  • Eating: Spicy Ramen, Dried Seaweed, and Steamed Rice :9
  • Drinking: Water/Cola


Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
Stuff About Me... I guess...

I like to draw a lot as a hobby for my free time
I also like Video Games(Depends though...)

Fav. Drink: COCA-COLA FTW!!<3

likes: Food, Color Pencils, Jellyfish, ... coming back to

dislikes: eating the same food you like over and over again but getting tired of it, lack of sleep, me sneezing but the sneeze won't come, movies that LOOK awesome but watch it and its lame... etc.

i usually use color pencils, markers, paint, or oil pastels since i'm not talented with using computery kinds of things... sad for me since i might be the few who can't make shiny pretty art creations :|

what i like to draw: varies A LOT from one thing to another like one minute Kittens then the next a Psycho Demon and then the next i might draw uuuhhhhh... a bottle of champayne... but i might not(who knows?)


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